• Stephanie Lyn

A Sacred Space To Sanity

I was never able to sit all alone by myself in a quiet room and feel good about it. I would always need some type of distraction to keep me from getting trapped in my never ending brainstorm. I couldn’t stand being solely in my own company. The television would be airing some useless show or there would be loud music blaring from the radio.

It was almost impossible to slow down the racing thoughts that were going through my mind at any given time. I was unable to be still and just sit in silence. There were many days that I would use alcohol as an escape to temporarily numb my feelings and slow down my monkey mind. Little did I know, that by doing this all I really was doing was taking those bottled up emotions and briefly placing them under arrest. They would be locked up in a prison cell that was located somewhere in the back of my mind and given the opportunity to work out, do lots of push ups in the prison yard, and grow stronger day by day.

They may have momentarily been forgotten about for the time being but once released on good behavior they would resurface only to come out twice as big and more amplified than they were before going away. I became an enabler who always willingly bailed out a repeat offender of emotions. This behavior went on for years until one day I finally opened my eyes and had enough of this nonsense. I had no choice but to terminate this toxic relationship with booze for good.

I was under the impression that once I had made the decision to become sober all of those mixed up emotions would go away, but they didn’t. What do I do now? My heads racing, alcohol is no longer a part of my life and I’m forced to feel every aching thought. I needed to find a way to lock those never ending feelings up for good and place them on death row to never resurface again.

One day while I was upset I took a drive over to The Oakland Beach Seawall which was only about 10 minutes from my house at that time. I sat there and stared deeply into the ripples of the water allowing my thoughts to slowly fade with every passing wave. It brought me to a place I had never been to before. I had finally found a sense of peace and contentment. This was the discovery of my very first sacred space.

Where My Spiritual Journey Began

I was drawn to the ocean's energy and was addicted to its ability to raise my frequencies when they were low. It was like I was one with the ocean and this became my happy place for years to come. I would drive there daily to have my morning coffee, read self-help books and journal. It was a place that I could go to recharge.

When I met the love of my life we ended up moving into a house that was out in a rural area and over an hour away from the water. I felt lost and started to feel low again. The next thing that happened made me a believer of how the right people will be put into your life at the right time and for the right reason. I decided to go to the spa for a manicure, something I didn’t do often. The woman that I was booked with had noticed my healing crystal necklace and told me that she was a crystal healer. I had mentioned to her the recent struggles that I was dealing with and she gave me the name of a woman that ran a Facebook group all about spiritual healing. That conversation lead me to a spiritual coach who taught me how to create a place in my home that could work in the same way for me that I had experienced when I would drive over to the seawall.

She taught me that a sacred space doesn’t have to be some over the top temple, church, shrine or even the ocean. It can be any place of your own creation that helps you feel more comfortable and at peace. A place where you can go to escape worries and let go of fear. I didn’t believe that it was possible but took her suggestions and began to create an area on my bureau which eventually moved to a small table that was located in my bedroom. This space was a new beginning and a fresh start to a beautiful healing journey of my own. My space has evolved through the years and continues to change with me, as my needs change, while I grow spiritually and become a better person.

I highly recommend creating a sacred space of your own! If you’re unable to set a space up in an area of your home you can easily create a portable one. Place the things that bring you peace and happiness in a box and take them out as needed. Next, light a candle or diffuse some therapeutic essential oils and set your intentions for why you want this space in your life. I like to add fresh flowers and crystals regularly to raise the vibration. Add some cozy pillows and throws and get rid of any clutter crowding up the area. Be sure to cleanse your space regularly by dusting, vacuuming and opening a window to clear out the stagnant and negative energy. I like to use sage smudging monthly and have recently started using a crystal singing bowl as well. They are both simple ways to raise the vibrations and get rid of those negative low energies. Himalayan salt lamps are also a great edition to filter out impurities from the air. They are also known to increase energy levels thanks to the negative ions they generate. I wanted one from the moment I read that they could improve mood, concentration and were also known to treat seasonal affective disorder.

As long as you use your sacred space for good and set positive intentions you will be guided to exactly where you need to be from this moment forward. I have found that the best and only way for this to work for me, is to be consistent! Create a routine that you will actually stick to because if you don't use it you will lose it! Consistency is key ;)

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