• Stephanie Lyn

Self-Preservation Prevails

I’ve been working vigorously at creating new daily routines to get through this difficult time having to stay safe at home. We have all had to make lots of changes and sacrifices since this crazy unexpected pandemic started. I hope you are staying healthy and adjusting well. I recently wrote a blog called A Sacred Space to Sanity where I talked about how important it is to create a special place of your own. I think it’s paramount right now especially with families having to be cooped up in the house together and not being able to separate themselves for much needed self-care. For me, the loss of alone time takes away my ability to regroup and recharge causing elevated levels of stress and anxiety. I work hard at living a stress free life so I make sure to do whatever it takes to keep me in my happy place.

When this unforeseen pandemic began it had forced my partner to start having to work from home so I decided to offer up my “zen den” for him to use as his new home office. Even though it was my idea and I new it was the right thing to do I still felt sad packing up the place I had created for my peace and serenity. I’m thankful for being gifted the tools to help me adapt through life’s challenges as they have given me the ability to adjust and recreate a new space in my bedroom that is just as special if not better than the one I previously had. Change doesn’t always have to be a bad thing!

Being Quarantined and having to spend so much time together at home has been a positive experience for our relationship. We have definitely passed the compatibility test and I do believe that we will come out of this with a stronger bond as a couple. I would’ve never made it through this situation if I had not worked on myself spiritually through the years. I was codependent and needy in past relationships and was always selfish having to be entertained. My relationship today is built on two independent people who share, compliment and support each other's individuality. Communication and understanding is prominent in surviving this test.

If you’re struggling with finding peace during this trying era, be sure to take some time out for yourself because if you don’t work on yourself you won’t be any good for anyone else. Make self-care your priority and everyone around you will reap those benefits. It’s not selfish. It’s imperative! In my blog A Test To Tranquility I mention some things that I do to help elevate my moods. We all need to reset, recharge and stay grounded so do whatever you need to do for yourself to add peace and happiness in your life. Whether you choose to create a space to use for meditation, reading, crafting, creating or just somewhere to go for peace and quiet, make that your top priority and I promise you that you will see many positive changes in days to come.

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